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About August 25, 2007

My name’s Daniel and I’m based in sunny Brisbane, Australia.  When I’m not melting I’m interested in things like information economics; innovation; economic and political systems; languages (computer + linguistics); software development, particularly lean driven processes; virtualisation and cloud computing; statistical, adaptive, and neural systems (Or at least I am at the moment). I have degrees in economics from University of Queensland and IT(software development) from the Australian National University. For my day job I write software in Java/Scala/C#/Javascript over web 2.0, windows rich clients and server side things like REST and WSDL based services.

I read avidly and am a bit of a space opera junkie. My favourite authors at the moment are Peter F Hamilton (Void trilogy was awesome) and Charles Stross (The Fuller Memorandom was awesome).  I enjoy a good hit of tennis and am working on using the term ‘awesome’ less.

I’m on linked in at http://au.linkedin.com/in/danielmharrison

Twitter at http://twitter.com/superawesomedan