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Qunit November 30, 2010

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Started using jQuery’s qunit for testing javascript today. I needed a framework that could run in a single page and was looking for something that would write out some content indicating what passed and didn’t. I’d started writing my own with some simple output after each test fn and thought this *must* have been done before. Sure enough Qunit fit the bill. Had a bug with chrome not liking it being served in the wrong character encoding (ISO8859-1 instead of UTF8), but apart from that, simple straight forward framework that made it easy.


Ahhh, newspapers November 9, 2010

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I bought the SMH iphone app today, low and behold before I could actually use it I had to register for an account before I could see any content. I’m not kidding, first screen in the app. Too much trouble, so closed it and fired up the free ABC app and wrote it off as a 3 buck lesson learned. I didn’t want to comment, I wanted the news, you’d think of all people a newspaper would understand that.