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Australia == end of the earth September 3, 2010

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Australia tends to have comparatively overpriced books due to various protectionist government policies. Being the bookish sort this means I tend to order a lot of books online. My preferred provider is bookdepository as it has free shipping to Oz and it takes between 4 days and 2 weeks for books to get here. Today I had to order a few books from Amazon as they weren’t available on bookdepository (Steve Blanks 4 steps to the Epiphany if you’re interested) and got a bit of a shock. Std shipping is 18-32 days !? Expedited shipping to get the same as bookdepository is ~$AUD50 which is almost equivalent to the order cost. You hit this occasionally with vendors in the US but didn’t really expect this from Amazon. Books I’ve ordered from pragmatic programmers and o’reilly with std shipping have tended to get here in a week or so.

My current thinking is it must be coming via balloon. If it took 80 days in the proverbial book, then this timetable would be about right.


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