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Australian Company Atlassian Raises 60m Financing. July 14, 2010

Filed under: entrepreneurship,knowtu,startups — danielharrison @ 11:30 pm

I’ve been a fan of Atlassian for a long time, at my previous job I introduced the toolset and we ended up buying the enterprise version of everything.    They just signed a 60m investment which is a great sign for the Australian startup sector.   What I found most interesting though was that they started on a 10k credit card and effectively bootstrapped up.  I quit my job and for the last 3 months have been working on bootstrapping my own company (knowtu) and have the typical doubts about whether I’m doing the right thing and with the IT job market booming again it’s hard to ignore the opportunity cost.   It’s inspiring to see that Australian tech companies can be successful.  It would be great if other Australian tech companies shared more of these stories as I think Australian companies have had a lot of success but tend to keep it under their hats.


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