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Book Depository July 8, 2010

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I’m a big fan of the online store the book depository.  According to my tax return I spent almost a thousand dollars there last year if that’s an indication (In Australia you can claim work expenses related to maintaining a professional library and skill development).  They’re particularly good as they have free shipping to Australia and cheaper prices; shipping takes max two weeks which is great as well.

Australia does have local online bookstores but they’re typically the same cost as the shelf prices which is about 50-30% greater than the book depository. I’ve found they’re about equivalent to Amazon.   When you add shipping to Australia using Amazon, it means orders often work out equivalent to just buying it in the store here.

My one gripe is their user account management. Login can be tricky and because of the generic form field names, login details are confused with anyone else that use the same names. For the longest time I didn’t even know they had a wishlist feature so didn’t bother with an account.

It would be great I think if they exposed a public API so it was easier to add books etc to wishlist etc. I understand that this probably isn’t their prime business but for me it would make things even more awesome 😉

Anyway if you’re in Australia and looking for a good source of books I highly recommend them.


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