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Tradies, Urghhhh! July 7, 2010

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There was a post up on the RiotACT about looking for other providers for a trades service as the previous ones dumped cigarette buts all over the yard.

We had a similar experience with Knebel kitchens when we renovated so I feel the pain.  Our particular experience included cigarettes being dumped on the ground and then went as far as taking out our phone line with their truck and even tiling the floor too high so that doors couldn’t close.    Their solution to that was to trim off the bottom of the door BTW.   Ultimately it was a month late and the price premium we payed for a managed single project manager to coordinate everything was wasted money.

It flaberghasts me that tradies in Canberra can think that this behavior is acceptable, it must be costing them business.  There’s some gems but it seems like a crap shoot to me.