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Twitter releases flock db, April 12, 2010

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I’m in the process of writing a lightweight document oriented storage backend for knowtu so was interested to see twitter release flockdb, a graph oriented, sharded database. The most interesting thing for me was the case class declarations still being in separate files, so one liners in a single file. I’d been erring to having them above the class or object that was doing the actual work and relying on intellij idea’s navigation. It makes it easier to read and trace outside the IDE I can see.

Another interesting thing was the use of ant and Ivy over maven which is an approach dear to my heart.   I’ve always been dubious of maven over ant (particularly doing cross language development in a single project) and have always wanted tighter control over libraries used so interesting to see this pattern being used somewhere else.

Worth having a browse if you’re interested in scala.


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