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XMPP: the definitive guide March 10, 2010

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Finished a quick read of Oreilly’s ‘XMPP: the definitive guide’. Good book which runs through the basics of how xmpp is architected, works and hangs together. I’d also been reading various xep’s and the like but this was a good book to put everything in place.   Coming from big SOAP, JMS enterprise scenario experience; answered a lot of ‘yes it really is that simple’ questions I had.  Covered everything I was interested in at a high enough level so that with the book and XEP’s I could write productive code pretty much immediately. Personally I wish it had more on BOSH and P2P implementations, but probably more of an advanced topic where the internet is a better source anyway.

Big question I’ve got at the moment is how do you secure p2p style xmpp communication.


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