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links for 2008-10-13 October 13, 2008

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  • … "because as soon as the program or initiative seeks to work with others, it will have to align itself to the needs and expectations of the bureaucracy. What's the charge number? Who said you could work on this? What's the return on investment? Why should we attack that market, and if we do, what happens to our existing products? Can you define your product or service and give us a three year projection within +/- 10%? Soon these questions, and the funding process and the risk tolerances, will force your team to work in the same patterns and processes as every other business function, and your innovation team will fall apart because you can't deliver innovations in an incremental, risk averse environment."
  • "So who is the manager then? My answer is the team. The team is self managing. It’s not the ScrumMaster. It’s not the Product Owner. One of the reasons for giving a fancy new name like ScrumMaster was to enable teams to break free from the notion that the role is the same as a Project Manager. This is a discomforting answer for many companies, but it’s at the heart of agile software development, and the kind of cultural change and mindset change that is required to succeed with agile."

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