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Why I Like Tuesdays as a Weekly Release Day August 5, 2008

Filed under: development — danielharrison @ 11:07 pm

One of the things that keep a project iterating once it reaches a certain point are regular releases.

I like weekly releases, long enough to allow for a decent chunk of work, but short enough to get early feedback and not ‘go dark’.

As part of this I like trying to get the build out every tuesday, why

  • Elimination wise, Friday is not so good because people are coming down after a week, having to stay late to get the build out on a Friday night is the last thing people want to be doing.  If things go wrong the only option is to have people stressing about the build all weekend or work on the weekends to get it done.
  • It allows for Monday to be a clear the decks day with everyone fresh and refreshed to work on making sure everything’s solid and stable with a view to other people using it.
  • If allows for the majority of the work week to be dedicated to getting the next set of functionality done.
  • Monday’s usually planning and figuring out what the next iteration needs/will be so better not to be tied up in assembling and testing.

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