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Don't Make Me Think – RSS Feeds April 18, 2008

Filed under: development — danielharrison @ 3:22 pm

I have 270 feeds I follow, working my way through the full list about every 2-3 days.

After the great book, there’s a couple of things where there’s too much thinking needed.

  • A site having a feed where it isn’t automagically detected by Firefox.  This makes subscribing a task of hide and seek trying to find the rss icon which can be anywhere.
  • Also if there’s separate rss feeds for sections, on that section include subscriptions for both the section and the full feed.  I often find I have to click around to move up the section tree so I can find the full feed.
  • Non full content feeds.   I understand some sites monetise content but rather than opt for partial content, monetise the feed as well.  RSS is all about giving me the ability to consume the web my way.  I don’t mind adds but if I have to click around and leave my feedreader then it breaks my flow.

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